Bhob Rainey and Nancy Bernardo: When you talk, you hear from the other side - LP with Eight Layered Glass Collages



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Bhob Rainey – audio (with contributions from Jason Lescalleet) Nancy Bernardo - art

When you talk, you hear from the other side
Vinyl and Set of Eight Glass Collages
Audio by Bhob Rainey (with contributions from Jason Lescalleet)
Art by Nancy Bernardo
Limited edition of three sets (eight pieces per set), $800 each
Individual pieces available for $125
Request a digital or personal showing (Philadelphia area)

Vinyl-only available for $7.50

Image Galleries: Set 1 Set 2 Set 3


There is a lot to say about this release, and I do my best to say it in detail on my blog. But, to summarize at the top, what we have here is a limited edition of three (currently one remaining) sets of eight layered glass collages by Nancy Bernardo and one LP (or perhaps something between an EP and an LP) by me. That is, each set includes eight collages and one vinyl record.


The vinyl contains a piece of audio work that was constructed from a found wire spool (the recording medium that preceded magnetic tape). The material on the spool comes from 1951 and 1952 and consists of a wide array of amateur attempts at humor, imitation, interviews, song, and advertisement. A more detailed description is on my blog.

The wire spool material eventually melts into a hypnotic electronic piece (again, more on the blog regarding this and dreams and death), part of which was done in collaboration with Jason Lescalleet.

Nancy Bernardo, whose work frequently involves iconic imagery from the ’50s, created her collages in response to this piece, forming something of a timeline to the audio. The layers in this work are quite striking and somewhat difficult to represent in an image. Below is an attempt to show the play of transparency in one of the pieces.


To be as clear as possible, when you buy one of these editions, you get eight, unique collages and one vinyl record.


We understand that visual art can seem expensive to the average music-buyer, and we are keeping the price of this as low as possible (a single collage from this set could easily cost $500). We also have more detailed images and can arrange viewings in the Philadelphia area upon request.

Visit my blog for a more detailed account of the story behind this release. You will find audio samples there, as well.